After living in Boston, Philadelphia and Brooklyn from 1995-2013, I had to leave everything I knew behind.  I moved to Morningstar, Arkansas, a town with a population of 120, two miles down a dirt road and quarter mile from my closest neighbor.  Broken and lost, I spent my mornings drinking coffee in the woods and, to my delight, found teams of birds commuting all around me.  As time rolled on and the winter started to set in, my bird friends moved away, and my life became stark. 

I moved to a La-Z-Boy in a tiny run-down, one bedroom house, longing for an escape, and reclined.  In my mind, I remodeled, bought furniture, collected art and of course, invited my friends to my dream home. 

My posh vignettes danced from my mind into my studio, and what started as an escape became a fully realized painting project .  I spent my mornings finding birds on my iPad, building rooms from scratch, looking at fabrics and wallpaper and imagining what kind of painting my bird friends would enjoy.  I spent a year down that dirt road, living in my imagination, building these paintings and forged a new path.  I moved back to town, fell in love and got a job substitute teaching. I renovated a bigger house and now have my coffee with Brandy Lynn.

Often, it is my imagination that inspires me to take new paths in search of what I need.  When life becomes bleak, my imagination rescues me from the void and plants a seed for new life to grow.  These paintings are what I imagined at a time in my life when I needed to be rescued, and now that I thrive again they are a welcomed companion. With love- Emmet