I lay in the grass, eyes closed, strong light passes through my eyelids, a saturated warm glow floods the darkness. Loosely painted circles of color materialize and dematerialize like little Tao phantoms dancing in a field of color.  Figures shape and shift burst with color then burn out. Science illustrations, desserts, seasons, music, and asymmetry run through my head. The memory of these glorious moments tingle and scamper leaving goose bumps behind. I am alive and breathing, Is this is what pure joy looks like?      

Notes on Color

   The elusiveness, mystery, and phenomena of color is a vast and relative subject.  It is more than the sum of its parts and it is bigger than any format a man can design.  We are designed to pay attention to it, be affected by it, and we all, consciously or not, have a diet of it.  We all develop a tolerance, preference, and memory for colors. Be it warm, cool, neutral, splashes, dashes, punctuations, or bathed, we all feel color.  Color, like a sent, can unlock hidden memories and spark associations.  Color can stimulate fond times, both real and imagined,it is the seed of memories,imagination, and joy. - with love- Emmett Duggan